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  • Hybrid Clouds: Why Most Businesses are Best-Suited for One

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Monday, February 13, 2017
    If you create, use, store or retrieve data, you're almost certainly already using a hybrid cloud. If you're not, you should probably give it serious consideration. Learn why most businesses are best-suited for a hybrid cloud when it comes to cost, security and flexibility. 

  • Enterprise Cloud Backup Made Easy

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Monday, February 6, 2017

    Thinking about moving some or all of your company backups to the cloud but aren’t sure where to begin? Cloud backup options have become faster and more affordable over the past two years. A little proactive research can help make the jump into the cloud easy.

  • So Serious About Security For Customers We Built Our Own Data Center

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Monday, January 30, 2017

    Data security, infrastructure investment ROI and maintenance concerns – you have a lot on your plate. If your business is having a tough time transitioning to the cloud – or second-guessing its decision to do so – worry no more: mindSHIFT built its own data center to meet your unique security needs.

  • Make 2017 the Year You Think Strategically About IT

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Monday, January 23, 2017

    With a solid IT strategy as your roadmap and the year 2017 quickly approaching, your IT department can contribute significant business value, help your organization gain a competitive edge and collaborate with other business units to help move them forward.

    Even if your 2017 IT budget has already been approved, it’s not too late to define strategy that will deliver business value. After all, solid IT strategy supports the organization’s goals, but should have the flexibility to accommodate new business priorities, especially ones that increase efficiency, drive growth and reduce costs.

    Make 2017 the year everyone in the IT department is moving in the same direction. Make 2017 the year you think strategically about IT. 

  • 10 Best Practices for High Performance Classroom Networks

    By: John Stewart, mindSHIFT Technologies on Tuesday, January 3, 2017
    With the ever increasing use of digital technology in the classroom, it’s critical for education leaders to have a plan to address the requirements of today and the future. 

    This blog outlines the strategic, tactical and planning considerations for improving the network infrastructure in your classrooms.

  • Modernize Your School’s IT Infrastructure with Help from the E-rate Program

    By: John Stewart, mindSHIFT Technologies on Tuesday, January 3, 2017
    There’s a lot of good news for K-12 schools, charter schools and libraries looking to utilize E-rate funds in the coming years. The E-rate Modernization Order was announced by the FCC to revamp the education technology funding program. 

    This blog outlines the key changes in the FCC’s E-rate modernization order. 

  • Avoid Ho Ho Holiday Phishing Scams

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Tuesday, December 20, 2016
    Around the holidays, inboxes everywhere are flooded with shipping updates, order confirmations, and eCards from family and friends. Phishing scams and malware are on the rise and attackers are taking advantage of the deluge of emails by sending creative phishing emails designed to catch targets off guard. 

    These tips will help you identify phishing emails to help keep your organization’s network safe during the holidays.

  • 6 Reasons Why mindSHIFT Cracked the Talkin' Cloud Top 10 Cloud Providers

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Wednesday, November 9, 2016
    In September, 2016, Penton ranked mindSHIFT #9 in the global 2016 Talkin’ Cloud 100 list of cloud services providers. We have jumped from #25 two years ago to the top ten on the 2016 list today.

    We wanted to share some of our thinking on the 6 key reasons we believe we earned a spot on in top ten of this important global cloud providers list. 

  • You Had Me at Hello - Delight Your Customers with a Modern Call Center CRM System

    By: Marcus O’Malley, Senior Product Manager, mindSHIFT Technologies on Tuesday, November 8, 2016
    Call centers can gain significant benefits from the integration of their customer relationship management (CRM) systems with their inbound/outbound phones. In this blog we’ll outline the key features, benefits and technologies needed to move your call center customer service to the next level. 

  • Tools for Protecting Data on Mobile Devices

    By: mindSHIFT Technologies on Tuesday, November 1, 2016
    With a few basic steps, you can be on the right track to protecting the customer and proprietary data on cell phones and tablets in your company. 

    Read this blog for 3 key security tactics to use on your employee-owned phones and tablets as well as company-owned mobile devices.  

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