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Executive Leadership

mindSHIFT is staffed and guided by respected industry leaders—people with decades of experience in the networking, computing and Internet industries. Meet the mindSHIFT leaders with the breadth and depth of experience and expertise you need to get the job done right.

Mona Abutaleb - COO

Mona Abutaleb
President and Chief Executive Officer

One of the leading managed services industry executives in the world, Mona Abutaleb was named to the MSPmentor 250 list as one of the most influential executives shaping the industry in 2014. Ms. Abutaleb served as mindSHIFT's Executive VP of Operations in 2006, as Chief Operating Officer from 2007-2009 and President and COO from 2009-2013. She has utilized her unique blend of skills and expertise in operations, engineering, IT and customer service to drive mindSHIFT's rapid growth.

Prior to joining mindSHIFT, Ms. Abutaleb worked at Discovery Communications as the Executive VP of US New Media and Network Services. Before Discovery, Ms. Abutaleb flourished in her more than 18-year career with MCI—beginning as a traffic engineer with MCI in 1984, ending as the Senior VP of Planning and Engineering for WorldCom in 2002, and holding many senior positions with the conglomerate in the interim.

Just prior to leaving WorldCom, Ms. Abutaleb was responsible for all aspects of Global Network Planning, Network Engineering, Service Delivery, Network Systems Development and IT Operations.