Webinar: 6 Reasons Why You Should Be in the Cloud

Webinar: Smarter, Leaner, Faster: Six Reasons to be in the Cloud
Speaker: Rob Duffy, mindSHIFT Technologies

You’ve heard a lot about cloud computing, and you know you should be using it. But why? View this webinar to get specific details on the 6 reasons you should be in the cloud.

Our speaker is Rob Duffy, product manager for mindSHIFT’s cloud computing, virtualization and desktop products and services. Rob will discuss these top 6 benefits of cloud computing:

  • Utility-based billing makes IT budget management easier
  • Costs can be operating expenses (instead of capital)
  • Lower the risk of trying new things
  • Increase server deployment speed
  • Improve scalability of hardware, bandwidth, storage, and more
  • Reduce need for minute-by-minute management of servers by in-house staff

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