Webinar: Hosted Archiving – Be Your Client's Hero While Increasing Your Bottom Line

Webinar: Hosted Archiving – Be Your Client's Hero While Increasing Your Bottom Line
Thursday, May 9, 2013
Time:  11:00 a.m. PDT //  2:00 p.m. EDT

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Be Your Client’s Hero While Increasing Your Bottom Line

You are working to grow your business and make a profit, but what if you could be your client’s hero as well? As a trusted advisor, you know that your clients are looking to you for current technology, excellent service and expert advice. Let groupSPARK provide you with an easy upsell opportunity with our hosted archiving solution that will help you be their hero.

Special Sales Promotion Exclusively For Webinar Participants

Join us for this beneficial webinar to learn how you can tap into the revenue potential of this high demand and dynamic service. Enjoy the financial benefits of selling a SaaS service with recurring revenue instead of individual software while also providing your clients with a world-class cloud archiving and e-discovery solution.  And, build your reputation as a problem solver by offering your customers an archiving system that is easy to implement, intuitive, affordable and meets always-evolving eDiscovery legal archiving requirements.

Hear From Your Peer

Find out how one of our current reseller partners has found success in selling our archiving solution, not only financially, but by providing an invaluable service to their customers.

Cloud-based services continue to replace the traditional in-house model and groupSPARK has been providing services in the cloud since 1999, before the cloud “was cool.” We are the experts!

Attend this free webinar to learn:
  -   How to spot the opportunity with your existing customers and new prospects
  -   How much opportunity today’s email environment can bring you
  -   The financial benefits of selling  groupSPARK hosted archiving solution
  -   The business drivers for archiving among small and medium-size businesses
  -   The benefits your clients will see with the groupSPARK solution
  -   Sales tips and tricks to selling hosted archiving




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About our special sales promotion exclusively for webinar participants


Ken Schmenk
Director of groupSPARK Partner Development
Ken has helped groupSPARK reseller partners increase sales and grow their businesses for the past 5 years. He has 20  years of experience selling IT solutions and 10 years of experience selling various archiving solutions.

Will Sumners
Vice President, Sales & Marketing for Verecloud
Verecloud is a distributor of leading cloud services and has been a top 5 reseller of groupSPARK’s hosted archiving solution for 3 years.  Will has held various C-level positions at organizations such as GE Access where he ran a $350 million domestic business unit focused on channel sales.  

Troy Gerber
Archiving Consultant
Troy has 15+ years of experience in the IT industry specializing in email and file (EMR) archiving, storage solutions, disaster recovery, business continuity, eDiscovery and compliance.

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