Webinar: IT Happens – Is your business disaster-ready?

Webinar: IT Happens – Is your business disaster-ready?
Wednesday, April 17, 2013
Time:  11:00 a.m. PDT //  2:00 p.m. EDT

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Disaster strikes when you least expect it, and planning for it is the first step toward minimizing the impact if it happens.

Hurricane Sandy inflicted unbelievable destruction on the East Coast last year, causing emotional devastation as well as billions of dollars in physical damage. It was truly a tragedy of mammoth proportion - such a massive catastrophe illustrates how susceptible we are to the fury of nature. As communities began putting the pieces back together, business owners started to evaluate how their businesses fared through the storm. New lessons were learned and organizations made changes to their business continuity and disaster recovery planning.  Believe it or not, hurricane season is soon approaching. Is your business disaster-ready?

Even if you do not live in a hurricane, flood, tornado or earthquake prone area, your business could be at risk due to fire, electrical outages, or even acts of war. If you don’t think a disaster can happen to you, think again. Disaster recovery plans allow businesses to adjust quickly to any situation. This webinar is dedicated to helping you keep your business up and running and protecting your critical IT infrastructure in the face of disaster.

You will learn:

     - Disaster recovery and industry compliance regulations;
     - 3 phases and 10 business continuity steps;
     - How to get started with disaster recovery planning;
     - Calculating the cost of downtime;
     - Enhancing business continuity with cloud computing solutions.


Robert Lamendola, Divisional Vice President, Client Services

     - Has held various roles at mindSHIFT for over 10 years
     - Currently the Executive responsible for the management of mindSHIFT’s 
       Managed Hosting and Application Development business divisions
     - Prior to mindSHIFT, was the CIO for an international semiconductor manufacturer
     - More than 25 years of comprehensive IT experience with a concentration on 
       enterprise computing, disaster recovery solutions and cloud-based architectures

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