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Considering a business VoIP telephone system? Ask yourself
the following questions . . .

Is your current telephone system out of capacity? Outdated? Inflexible? Immobile? Too expensive to maintain? Do you experience unnecessary downtime resulting in lost revenue? You need some high-tech relief with cloudSHIFTSM VoIP, our business VoIP phone service.

Opt for the latest in affordable, integrated and flexible business communications systems with a rich Business VoIP (Voice over IP) system from mindSHIFT, the leader among VoIP providers. Learn more about the advantages of small business VoIP with our white paper SMB Buyer's Guide to VoIP.

mindSHIFT Business VoIP System

Awarded the Editor's Choice award among business VoIP system providers from, a cloudSHIFT VoIP phone system provides both cost and productivity improvements with the following features:

  • Bundled unlimited local and long-distance service
  • Unified messaging, including simultaneous ring on multiple phones
  • Complete Help Desk support for all your end users
  • End user self-control via portals and toolbar
  • Tight integration with Outlook and Internet Explorer
  • Flexible mobility, including selective call forwarding
  • Secure and reliable architecture and infrastructure for both voice and data
  • Complete transition and migration assistance from your existing phone system
  • Full end-to-end technician support from the phone system through your network all the way to the telephony carrier
  • Faxing plans that are integrated with Microsoft Office for your users
  • Integration with top CRM systems such as® and Microsoft Dynamics® CRM‎
    • Initiate calls directly from a CRM system
    • Inbound calls can retrieve the related CRM contact record 
  • Integration with Skype® for Business— make one-click phone calls from lists, contacts, directories, documents or web pages
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Benefits of cloudSHIFT VoIP, mindSHIFT's Managed Voice-over-IP Solution, include:
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Streamlined phone management
  • Increased user productivity
  • Improved customer and employee satisfaction
  • Enhanced utility of laptops which can serve as phone systems
  • Ease of expansion and growth
  • Disaster recovery and business continuity benefits

Two Managed VoIP Options

cloudSHIFT VoIP: Hosted – Consider cloudSHIFT VoIP: Hosted if you are looking for a business VoIP system that offers low initial startup costs, offsite disaster recovery protection, and a simplified user interface when compared to standard business phone systems.

cloudSHIFT VoIP: Dedicated – cloudSHIFT VoIP: Dedicated is an excellent choice if you require a business VoIP system located in your facilities. cloudSHIFT VoIP: Dedicated is managed onsite and offers flexibility and scalability, as well and consolidating your network. You no longer need separate networks for data and voice traffic.

As one of the leading business VoIP providers, mindSHIFT can customize a managed VoIP solution to meet your business needs.

Contact mindSHIFT for a price estimate on our cloudSHIFT VoIP solutions.

cloudSHIFT VoIP Advantages

mindSHIFT has a proven history of remotely managing IT solutions within our customers’ premises and in hosted data centers. We know how to deploy, manage and resolve IT issues through the network to the end workstation and application. Business VoIP solutions, unlike traditional phone systems, are no longer separate from the data infrastructure. VoIP and data networks are now converged, offering the opportunity for business to consolidate operating costs and streamline vendor management. A VoIP system is fully integrated with your IT infrastructure and needs to be delivered and managed with a full and experienced understanding of those IT components.

cloudSHIFT VoIP integrates with your email server. Its components will run on your workstations, your users can control their preferences, and your laptops can now be fully functioning phones. mindSHIFT’s success and extensive history in managing customers' IT solutions enable us to manage your cloudSHIFT VoIP system as well. As the leader among VoIP providers, you can expect quality next-generation features, future-proof architecture, functionality and world-class technology support from mindSHIFT.

For more information on cloudSHIFT VoIP and the benefits of using mindSHIFT as your VoIP provider, contact mindSHIFT today.