mindSHIFT Technologies provides specialized implementation, colocation, hosting and management services for your IBM i® Power Systems™ (including AS/400®, iSeries® and System i®). These services allow you to increase efficiency and reduce costs associated with operating your IBM® systems. Additionally, mindSHIFT’s IBM i services offer a unique and cost effective approach to your corporate operations and business continuity requirements.mindSHIFT Technologies is an IBM Business Partner with specialization in Managed Services Infrastructure

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A Certified IBM Delivery Partner
As an IBM Delivery Partner with more than 15 years of experience, mindSHIFT provides high levels of security, redundancy, bandwidth and expertise for your IBM i systems. The mindSHIFT SAS 70 Type II Data Centers and IBM iOperations Center are staffed 24/7/365 with trained technicians to provide you with around-the-clock expert support.

IBM i Hosting and Colocation
If you are seeking ways to improve your IBM i (Power Systems, iSeries, AS/400) operations, or facing challenges with your data center facilities or environment, host or colocate your IBM i equipment at mindSHIFT to solve these problems. mindSHIFT’s data center and facilities combine high levels of security and redundancy with high-bandwidth network access, and you’re covered 24 hours a day by our team of IBM experts. Our automated administration tools enable us to provide a comprehensive approach to managing your business-critical IBM i systems and environments.

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cloudSHIFTSM Servers for IBM i – Hosted Logical Partition (LPAR)
We offer cloudSHIFT Servers for IBM i customers. Logical partitioning (LPAR) is an innovative approach to server management that offers the benefits and efficiencies of server consolidation without sacrificing the flexibility and scalability of maintaining separate servers. We host LPARs (HLPAR) on servers owned and maintained our data center so you can take advantage of LPAR’s benefits without the hassle, time and cost of owning and maintaining your own equipment. Organizations also use mindSHIFT hosted LPARs to obtain a high-availability solution, in which a second LPAR provides backup, hot standby, load-balancing, and compliance for their primary production server.
Remote Operations Management
If you don’t have the internal resources you need for around-the-clock support for your IBM i infrastructure, mindSHIFT can help. We offer remote management services for your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries, Power Systems) equipment, whether it’s housed at your facilities or at any other location. Our IBM i experts can remotely monitor your system, respond to operations level events and logs and escalate actions, all based on your defined protocol. This is a quick activation service that offers high value for you, especially if you need support outside of the traditional 9 to 5 business hours, for 2nd and 3rd shift coverage, or even 24 hours a day.
IBM i High Availability & Disaster Recovery Services
If you need to minimize risk from a failure on your primary production system, mindSHIFT offers a number of high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) options for your IBM i Power Systems infrastructure. For these HA/DR solutions, we support leading high availability replication software such as the Maxava High Availability Suite, the Vision Solutions suite of products and IBM’s iCluster and Transformation server products.

The benefits of our flexible HA and DR options include:

  • Greater survivability due to geographically separate equipment and network servers
  • Reduced load on your production equipment by utilizing the real-time data on the shadow system for reporting, tape backup, web serving, and other ancillary processing
  • Greater burstable bandwidth in one of mindSHIFT’s data centers, delivering faster access to the primary environment for remote users, with the added benefit of improved security and redundancy of network and power systems
  • Leveraging mindSHIFT’s IBM i experience to augment your existing staff in the event of a disaster

mindSHIFT can design, implement, manage and support a high availability solution from concept through implementation for your IBM i Power Systems.
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About mindSHIFT and IBM
mindSHIFT is an IBM Business Partner for Power Systems, iSeries, AS/400, Power System, xSeries and pSeries servers. mindSHIFT achieved its IBM delivery partner status following a rigorous selection process. Criteria include:

  • A thorough evaluation of mindSHIFT facilities and data center capabilities IBM Business Partner
  • A review of mindSHIFT support procedures and processes
  • An assessment of mindSHIFT IBM-focused technical and engineering personnel

Our colocation, flexible managed services and experienced personnel can be used to complement and enhance your existing infrastructure or as a complete infrastructure outsourcing solution.

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