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mindSHIFT Technologies is an IBM Business Partner with specialization in Managed Services Infrastructure mindSHIFT offers a comprehensive suite of remote managed services is for IBM i® (also known as Power Systems™, iSeries®, System i® and AS/400®) customers. These IBM i remote operations management services allow you to take advantage of our highly trained 24/7/365 team to manage select tasks, or to provide end-to-end systems management. Remote managed service packages are offered at gold or platinum levels.

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Service Specifications

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    mindSHIFT can provide remote management of your IBM i infrastructure, housed at your facility or mindSHIFT's world class data centers. We remotely monitor and respond to operations-level events and logs, and escalate actions based upon your company's defined protocol. This is a low impact, quick activation service that offers high value for businesses that require more than 9 to 5 support. The following IBM i hosting services are available as gold or platinum level packages:  

    • Monitor QSYSOPR message queue
      Regular monitoring of message queue to discover and escalate errors.
    • Monitor line/controller/device status
      Monitoring and restart/retry of remote configuration devices as defined by customer.  
    • Monitor CPU and DASD usage
      Regular monitoring to ensure that prescribed usage levels are not exceeded. Actions to be taken as agreed to with customer. 
    • Monitor job queues
      Regular monitoring of job queues to ensure that queued job totals do not exceed prescribed levels. 
    • Monitor/restart writers
      Print queues and write jobs monitored and error messages addressed as defined by customer. 
    • Monitor backups
      Observe backup jobs to ensure successful completion, take action as defined by customer. IBM i
    • Monitor journal usage, when applicable
      Journal levels monitored where needed, particularly for customers using high availability solutions. 
    • Reset profiles/passwords
      Locked profiles can be reset by the mindSHIFT NOC. The customer must provide a list of personnel authorized to approve such requests. Existing passwords cannot be discovered; rather new passwords will be given and set to *EXPIRED. 
    • Reprint forms
      Release of saved or held forms from queues where needed. 
    • Tape mounting as part of backup, SAV/RST or system refreshes
      mindSHIFT will mount tapes for customers who wish to perform their own saves and restores. 
    • Call escalation – client defined
      Escalation procedures are jointly created by mindSHIFT and the customer, and these procedures are followed by the mindSHIFT NOC on a 24/7/365 basis. 
    • Creation of profiles (system application)
      mindSHIFT will create user profiles based upon existing templates, and will communicate these profiles to the new user. These requests must be based upon authorization lists provided by the customer. 
    • Creation of line/controller/device
      mindSHIFT will create new iSeries communication object configurations as needed by the customer. 
    • OUTQ creation and maintenance
      mindSHIFT will create new print queues as required by the customer. 
    • TCP/IP monitoring and maintenance
      The status of any TCP/IP communications devices and configurations will be monitored and appropriate action taken as defined by customer. 
    • Monitor WRKSYSACT screen, terminate runaway jobs
      mindSHIFT will monitor the WRKSYSACT screen for customers who have this utility, which is part of IBM® Performance Tools. mindSHIFT will also terminate ‘runaway’ jobs that are using excessive CPU or DASD to ensure system integrity. 
    • Monitor system service tools
      Per-shift check of system service tools to check for hardware and licensed code errors. Hardware errors will be escalated to IBM or any other service provider designated by the customer. 
    • Maintain basic and core system security
      Logs will be checked to ensure that system security is not breached, and mindSHIFT will also, upon customer request, advise as to changes in system values that can help maintain system security. 
    • Month-end scheduling and performance
      mindSHIFT will monitor scheduled month-end processing to ensure system integrity and performance are maintained. 
    • Ad-hoc requests for batch, SAV/RST, or other jobs
      mindSHIFT will process batch jobs, save requests, and restore requests submitted by authorized customer personnel through the mindSHIFT NOC. Save requests may require tapes to be returned from off-site storage. mindSHIFT will manage tape retrieval only if we are responsible for tape management. 
    • Tape library maintenance
      Management of on-line tape library system provided by customer or acquired through mindSHIFT, whether external (e.g., Recall or Iron Mountain), or on-line (e.g. BRMS, Robot/SAVE). 
    • System tuning based on performance
      mindSHIFT will manage storage pools and job priorities to aid system performance. 
    • System configuration and recommendation based on client growth
      mindSHIFT will recommend system upgrades, where necessary, in the event that system capacity is insufficient for established workload. 
    • PTF analysis, ordering and installation
      mindSHIFT will contact the customer to advise that a new cumulative PTF package should be installed. The package will be ordered and installed by mindSHIFT at a time agreed to by mindSHIFT and the customer. mindSHIFT will also recommend single PTFs based upon IBM advice to correct specific issues.
    • Creation of CL programs
      mindSHIFT will write CL programs to assist the customer with operational issues and efficiencies. 
    • Client application maintenance (SAV/RST, stop/start, error repair, adds/deletes)
      mindSHIFT will assist with basic maintenance to customer applications. We will troubleshoot errors and provide fixes for CL and RPG based applications.

    About mindSHIFT and IBM

    mindSHIFT is an IBM Business Partner for Power Systems, iSeries, AS/400, Power System, xSeries and pSeries servers. mindSHIFT achieved its IBM delivery partner status following a rigorous selection process. Criteria include:

    • A thorough evaluation of mindSHIFT facilities and data center capabilities IBM Business PartnerIBM Business Partner
    • A review of mindSHIFT support procedures and processes
    • An assessment of mindSHIFT IBM-focused technical and engineering personnel

    Our colocation, flexible managed services and experienced personnel can be used to complement and enhance your existing infrastructure or as a complete infrastructure outsourcing solution.

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