Sitecore Assess: A Complete Feature and Version Review

Can you Improve your Sitecore CMS with a Version Upgrade?

Sitecore CMS

With every version upgrade of the Sitecore CMS over the years, there have been significant improvements. If you are running your website under an older version of Sitecore, an upgrade might help you to take advantage of new features in the software and enable you to get more out of your content management system investment.

But how can you be sure if an upgrade is going to deliver improved performance and true benefit to your bottom line? A technical analysis by our Sitecore-certified experts gives you the facts you need to decide on an upgrade. Sitecore Assess from mindSHIFT delivers the answers to your Sitecore upgrade questions.

Sitecore Assess: How it Works
A Sitecore Assess upgrade review is composed of six key analysis components and a final report. 

Assessment components  

  • Sitecore Version Recommendation
    We compare your implementation with the Sitecore-recommended release policy.
  • Current Implementation High-level Assessment
    We review your existing implementation to determine compatibility with the recommended version level.
  • Sitecore Module Assessment
    We review all installed modules to determine upgrade compatibility and to help define the upgrade path.
  • Sitecore Hotfix Assessment
    We determine if there are any Sitecore Hotfixes installed and work directly with Sitecore to assess if existing Hotfixes should be kept, removed or replaced.
  • New Feature Assessment
    We review all available features and work with you to determine which features you would like to take advantage of in your next upgrade.
  • Upgrade Execution Path
    Based on the first five components of analysis, we define and document a recommended upgrade execution path. This is an actionable document that becomes the foundation of a complete upgrade plan for your Sitecore system.

Summary Report and Recommendations
After the detailed assessment phases, our engineers and developers compile and deliver a complete report to you with our findings and recommendations.

Next steps
With the assessment report in hand, you have everything you need to get started on an upgrade of your Sitecore CMS. Should you need our expertise for the upgrade project itself, the mindSHIFT Sitecore team is available to assist you with any or all development work required to successfully and smoothly upgrade your Sitecore CMS.

With mindSHIFT, you can “grow as you go.” You have the flexibility to start with the managed IT services that make the most sense for your organization, and then grow with us as your needs grow. 
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About mindSHIFT – a Sitecore Certified Solution Partner
mindSHIFT has been a Sitecore partner since 2005—one of the first in North America—and maintains one of the largest and most experienced certified Sitecore development teams in the region. We work with Sitecore clients on all aspects of implementation—from website architecture and design, to integration with external systems, multi-lingual sites and all other development functions required to successfully launch and operate your website.