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How One Company Faced the BYOD Revolution (and Won)

Business users just want their technology to work. They want to access work from anywhere—just like their personal technology.
Learn how hosted desktops can support the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) revolution in this entertaining eBook from mindSHIFT. 

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Four Reasons to Implement a Hybrid Cloud - White Paper

Four Reasons to Implement a Hybrid Cloud: Use Cases for Today’s Business Environment

Organizations are turning to the cloud due to budgetary and staffing constraints, but, for some, a complete shift to the cloud isn’t practical. That’s why many are turning to hybrid cloud environments. 

This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies examines the case for hybrid cloud solutions and provides four use cases that illustrate how companies are successfully implementing hybrid cloud environments.

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Mobile Security Whitepaper cover

Four Ways to Make Information Mobility More Secure

Business and IT managers face the challenge of securing countless device types such as desktops, laptops, smartphones, tablets, smart watches, smart TVs, and more. 

Download this white paper from mindSHIFT Technologies to learn about four key steps you should take to implement a mobile device management (MDM) security program at your organization.

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Cover image: Success with Amazon Web Services (AWS) in a Hybrid Cloud

Success with Amazon® Web Services (AWS®) in a Hybrid Cloud

Today, many companies are migrating applications to the cloud. With the enterprise-grade quality of Amazon Web Services, many use it as an extension of their on-premises environments.

Download this whitepaper to learn about the typical challenges you face when migrating servers to AWS, including points to include in your migration planning and considerations for ongoing systems management, monitoring, maintenance and billing.

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Using Veeam® Cloud Connect to Back Up Your On-Premises VMware® Workloads to the Cloud

Backing up data has always been a problem for IT departments. Backup products have historically lacked scalability, reliability and recovery features. 

Download this free white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies to learn about the ways Veeam® Cloud Connect gives IT departments a fully integrated, fast and efficient means to move VMware workload backups to a cloud repository.

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mindSHIFT white paper

Preparing for the Cloud: Server Strategies for Agility, Mobility and Efficiency

Is your IT infrastructure ready for “the cloud”?

With the end of support for Windows Server 2003 in July, 2015, there’s no better time for you to assess your long term strategies for IT and the cloud. Get this free whitepaper to get the big picture and a step-by-step roadmap overview for your migration to the cloud.

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mindSHIFT white paper

Using Technology to Grow Your Business: Proven Strategies You May be Failing to Follow

The modern small and mid-size business (SMB) is facing new challenges, no matter the industry.

  • The workforce is changing and becoming more dispersed
  • There’s a proliferation of data of which to take advantage
  • Privacy and security concerns have been taken to new heights
  • Competitive pressures are greater than ever

Yet, many SMB executives, with limited IT resources and/or expertise, don’t know the best way to take advantage of technology to address these new challenges and grow their respective businesses. They can easily overlook critical areas of focus that could dramatically impact their success.

This Executive Brief outlines proven strategies that many organizations miss as they consider where to invest in technology.

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mindSHIFT white paper

Using the Flexible Hybrid Cloud to Deliver a Superior Outcome

Cloud computing has taken the IT world by storm. And as cloud models continue to evolve, organizations are finding greater ability to leverage the cloud to benefit their business. One model, the hybrid cloud, enables organizations to deploy applications and services in both public and private clouds—combining their strengths.

This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies explores the structure of public, private and hybrid cloud computing, and the ways companies can achieve greater flexibility, scalability and cost benefits with hybrid clouds.

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mindSHIFT white paper

Deliver Your Software Services via the Cloud

In today’s competitive business environment, IT innovation can pave the road to success. Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) can capitalize on Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud infrastructure by introducing innovative service delivery to their customers.

This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies discusses the ways ISVs and software developers can utilize cloud architectures as an ideal platform for service delivery.

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mindSHIFT white paper

Keys to Deploying a Hosted Private Cloud

Your company wants to move to the cloud, but with data security concerns or stringent compliance and regulatory requirements, you probably can’t risk being on a public cloud. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on the cloud option altogether.

This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies discusses the ways a hosted private cloud can offer the secure server infrastructure and environment necessary to meet your company’s needs.

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mindSHIFT white paper

The 10 Key Components of a Cloud-Based Business Continuity Plan

The costs of business discontinuity can be staggering. When your servers go down, or your employees can’t access mission-critical applications, your organization is losing money.

Cloud computing has made disaster recovery and business continuity easier to achieve than ever before. Download this white paper to learn about the 10 key components of preparing, implementing and executing a business continuity plan in the cloud.

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vmware cloud white paper

Five Fast and Effective Ways to Create Positive Change With Cloud Computing

In today's competitive market, cloud computing offers an outstanding opportunity not just to innovate, but to do so more quickly and more cost-effectively than ever before. This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies discusses five specific ways computing can help organizations accomplish more—more quickly and less expensively.

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BYOD Webinar

Top 10 Tips to Create a Secure and Productive BYOD Mobile Work Environment

Our personal and business lives are forever linked with our ability to bring our personal smartphone or tablet devices into the office. The BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) trend is here to stay. This white paper from mindSHIFT Technologies discusses the top 10 tips to help you manage and secure the corporate data that is housed on the personal devices of your employees.

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Business Intelligence White Paper

Business Intelligence - The Right Intelligence

Building a business intelligence (BI) system that achieves your goals is not a trivial effort. In this white paper, we discuss the critical steps required to successfully launch your business intelligence development project.

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Cloud Business Agility White Paper

Cloud Computing Drives Business Agility

Business agility—the power to change, rapidly and effectively, to suit changing circumstances—is critical to the survival of many organizations. And today, information technology (IT) plays a key role in achieving business agility. This white paper from VMware and mindSHIFT Technologies discusses the ways cloud computing can help small and mid-size organizations improve and achieve business agility.

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Seeding The Cloud Whitepaper

Seeding the Cloud: How Choosing the Right Model Can Be a Business Rainmaker

Cloud computing can create tremendous business value – if you select well. Each model offers its own set of strengths and pitfalls, so choosing wisely is critical. The combination of the right cloud provider with the right model designed for your specific needs can be your most valuable business asset.

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Leveraging Managed IT Services

Leveraging Managed IT Services: A Business Checklist to Determine If Managed IT Is Right For You

You’ve probably heard that managed IT services could be the solution to your business and IT challenges. But, will they really help you increase revenue, performance and productivity? This business checklist will help you determine if managed IT services are right for you.

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Business Case for IT

The Business Case for Managed IT Services

Are you focused on your business and poised for explosive growth? Where does IT fall into those plans? Learn how managed IT services can be one of the best business decisions you’ve ever made – increasing revenue, performance and competitiveness.

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SMB Buyer’s Guide to VoIP

SMB Buyer’s Guide to VoIP

What are the key selection criteria to consider when your small or medium-sized business is evaluating VoIP?

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Why Should You Archive Your Email with a Hosted Service?

Email archiving technology is primarily used in the financial services industry, however Osterman Research has been finding growing interest in the use of archiving products and technologies in a wide variety of industries -- owing to the benefits that archiving can offer to virtually any organization.

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