cloudSHIFTSM Secure Desktop: Flex

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cloudSHIFT Secure Desktop: Flex is a fully managed desktop service in the cloud from mindSHIFT® Technologies. The service eliminates the need to install local Windows® software and applications on physical desktop PCs or laptops. Users can now access virtual desktops in the cloud from any supported device including Windows and Mac® computers, Chromebooks®, iPads®, Kindle® Fire tablets, and Android® tablets.

cloudSHIFT Secure Desktop allows companies to meet compliance requirements and reduce security risks due to theft, hardware failures, user actions or data stored on local devices. Users simply log in to their own personal workspace in the cloud via a browser from any supported device. All apps, files and data are centrally stored, secured and backed up in the mindSHIFT datacenter. Users have a local Windows workstation experience from their cloudSHIFT Secure Desktop, with storage and access to Microsoft Office, Exchange and hosted business apps.

Companies of all sizes can now reduce the headaches, costs and complexity of deploying patches, upgrades, new apps and having to secure local devices. New employees, students or temporary workers can be authenticated and on boarded in minutes with instant access to an approved workspace—from their own device. And your company can save on capital expenses by delaying the need for new hardware purchases and operating system upgrades with a virtual operating system, expandable computing power and both personal and network storage in the mindSHIFT cloud.

And when you host your business critical apps with mindSHIFT, cloudSHIFT Secure Desktop users have a seamless experience for accessing all their critical work apps and personal productivity software, anywhere and anytime—without the cost, complexity, maintenance and need to support a physical desktop or network. 

Top uses for a virtual desktop in the cloud:
  • Work from home and on the road
  • Contract employees
  • Branch office support
  • Development and testing
  • Disaster recovery
  • Data security

  • Work from anywhere at any time: Whether working from home or on the road, your users can increase productivity with access to the full suite of business applications and their files from any Internet-connected device, including Windows® and Apple® computers, thin clients, tablet computers and smartphones.
  • No special hardware or software required: Your desktops are accessible from the standard Windows and Mac computers you have in your office today, as well as your smartphone or tablet devices.
  • Focus on growing your business or organization: This cloud-based solution removes the burden of infrastructure management from your internal IT team, enabling them to focus on more strategic activities.
  • Simplify deployment: You can be up and running quickly, without the need to purchase new technology. There’s no need for you to build a complicated infrastructure.
  • Pay as you go: Convert a potentially large upfront capital expense into a small per-user monthly operating expense. Pay only for the desktops you need each month.
  • Scale for growth easily: Applications and new users—whether employees, temporary workers or outside vendors—can be added or de-activated quickly and easily. And for national and global organizations, you can add a new desktop for a user in your Paris, France, office just as quickly as adding a new desktop for someone who works in Paris, Texas.
  • Increase data security: Centralized, cloud-based data storage enables enterprise-class backup and accessibility, reducing the risk of losing sensitive data or business communications.
  • Increase business mobility: Gain a secure centralized standard for adding new users and access from any device (Windows, MAC, iOS, Android, etc.).
  • Ensure the security and integrity of company data: All your virtual desktops, personal storage and hosted apps are backed up, secured and maintained in mindSHIFT’s SSAE-16 data center.
  • Secure and standardized desktop platform: Maximize user hardware life cycle and minimize organizational hardware investment with virtual workstations and servers in the cloud. Increase on demand the compute power, speed and capacity of your virtual desktop and servers.

cloudSHIFT Secure Desktop: Flex offers these features and benefits:

Operating system

Microsoft® Windows® 7

Disk space per user

25 GB

Daily data backup

Connection protocol

Citrix® HDX multimedia protocol

VPN option





Upgradeable CPU/RAM

Customize desktop look and feel

Remote help-desk capable

Multi-monitor support

Supports Microsoft SPLA licensing

Session roaming

User controlled desktop settings


Microsoft Office suite


Adobe® Reader®

Hosted Exchange Optional
Integrate with existing organization applications

Install your own applications

(Customer is responsible for licensing costs)



Virus/patch management

Migration assistance/consultation