IBM i Disaster Recovery

mindSHIFT Technologies is an IBM Business Partner with specialization in Managed Services InfrastructuremindSHIFT delivers a wide range of proven high availability (HA) and disaster recovery (DR) services to protect IBM i® Power Systems™ environments (including AS/400®, iSeries® and System i®) from loss of operation or downtime. Our IBM i Power Systems HA and DR solutions include custom recovery time objectives (RTO) and implementations that meet your specifications and requirements.

How long can your company afford to be without your IBM i Power Systems (AS/400, iSeries and System i) Server? The recovery time objective varies from business to business. To support the entire spectrum of requirements, mindSHIFT offers two unique IBM i disaster recovery services:

  • We manage your dedicated IBM i Power Systems high availability servers
  • We provide cloudSHIFT Servers for IBM i Power Systems to meet your high availability objectives
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Dedicated IBM i Disaster Recovery

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As part of our IBM i Power Systems Managed Hosting services, mindSHIFT provides managed high availability services on dedicated customer IBM i Power Systems servers for production processing, as well as disaster recovery environments that require fully replicated servers. A fully replicated environment provides a "Zero Downtime" disaster recovery solution. We typically use a data replication product such as the Maxava High Availability Suite, MIMIX, Vision Suite, or iTera for this dedicated DR solution. Although a fully replicated environment may not be cost-effective for every business.

cloudSHIFTSM Servers for IBM i: Disaster Recovery
If you can't justify a fully replicated IBM i environment, but still need to meet an RTO, mindSHIFT offers cloudSHIFT Servers for IBM i Services. We use our inventory of IBM i Power Systems to provide you with a server or LPAR partition for a fixed monthly fee. This cloud-based service provides immediate access to the recovery site in case of a declared disaster, achieving your RTO at minimal cost.

IBM i HA and DR Implementation Options to Fit Your Needs:

  • High availability, real-time synchronization and automatic failover
    • Between your (customer-hosted) IBM i production systems and servers hosted at a mindSHIFT facility, or, between IBM i systems hosted within mindSHIFT facilities
    • Hot-standby IBM i server(s) on a replication schedule determined by your recovery target and network environment
    • Servers pre-installed and implemented (according to your specifications) on a warm stand-by basis
    • Restoration and backup services: customer backup tapes (based upon latest full or incremental backup) are installed on a compatible environment within mindSHIFT’s data center.IBM i

    About the mindSHIFT Data Centers
    mindSHIFT's data centers are staffed around the clock and equipped with all of the necessary environmental controls, redundant power, UPS environments, security systems and network connectivity required to support the sophisticated IBM i environment. We also offer wide area network connectivity options for automatic failover from your production data centers to our disaster recovery centers, including dedicated circuits, frame-relay circuits, MPLS connections and Internet-based Virtual Private Network (VPN) connections.

    Whether you want to use dedicated IBM i Power Systems servers or cloudSHIFT Servers for IBM i, mindSHIFT can meet your specific recovery objectives. On time. And on budget.

    About mindSHIFT and IBM
    mindSHIFT is an IBM® Business Partner for Power Systems, iSeries, AS/400, Power System, xSeries and pSeries servers. mindSHIFT achieved its IBM delivery partner status following a rigorous selection process. The criteria includes:IBM Business Partner

    • A thorough evaluation of mindSHIFT facilities and data center capabilities
    • A review of mindSHIFT support procedures and processes
    • An assessment of mindSHIFT IBM-focused technical and engineering personnel

    Our colocation, flexible managed infrastructure services and experienced personnel can be used to complement and enhance your existing infrastructure or as a complete infrastructure outsourcing solution.

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