mindSHIFT provides a comprehensive set of managed hosting services for Windows and Linux platforms, including:

Standard Device Monitoring – Standard IP monitoring (ping).

Advanced Device Monitoring – SNMP (Simple Network Monitoring Protocol) monitoring includes CPU usage, memory usage, disk space utilization, number of processes and users. You can optionally include a service for detecting hardware-related issues.

Application Monitoring – Includes HTTP String or applications such as Web services, FTP sites, and mail servers (POP, IMAP, SMTP). You select from a list of available application monitoring parameters and we will monitor them 24/7/365.

Antivirus – We install the latest antivirus software to protect equipment and services (for mindSHIFT-managed Microsoft operating systems only.)

Operating System Patch Management – We install all critical Microsoft and Red Hat Enterprise Linux operating system (OS) security patches. We can install non-critical updates at your request as an optional service.

Application System Patch Management – We install all Microsoft application (IIS, SQL, and Exchange) critical security updates based on customer approval. We can install non-critical updates at your request as an optional service.

Hardware Warranty Management – For devices under a current vendor warranty, we will escalate hardware-related issues to your provider and coordinate any needed services.

Software License Management – mindSHIFT will manage software licensing and renewal for software applications purchased through us.

Remote Hands – With mindSHIFT Remote Hands, we’ll perform activities that require physically touching the equipment, such as changing tape backups, cable swaps, rebooting servers and more.

Engineering Support Services – Engineering support can include the following services:  system tuning based on server performance, advanced technical/engineering support, deployment assistance, tasks related to emergencies, and senior staff consultation. Does not include application support.

24/7/365 Customer Care and Technical Staff Availability mindSHIFT Customer Care is more than just a help desk. It’s about keeping you up and running, resolving problems quickly, and providing personal attention. We provide Level I and Level II support staff to assure your questions and technical requests are handled efficiently and effectively to maintain equipment availability and performance.

Customer Advocate – We provide you with a Customer Advocate to make sure your issues and concerns are addressed and you continue to be thrilled with mindSHIFT.

Managed services availability and depth of service available are based on service level selected. Contact mindSHIFT for service level details and additional terms and conditions.

Managed hosting services are available for colocation customers (your equipment at our facilities) as well as managed hosting customers.