Sterling & Sterling

About Sterling & Sterling

Founded in 1932 by Jonah Sterling, Sterling & Sterling has grown through the years and today is ranked among the nation’s top 100 insurance brokerages, employing over 170 highly skilled professionals. The company is one of the largest in the New York metropolitan area, with premiums topping $300 million.

Sterling & Sterling’s clients are regional, national and international operations that benefit from service offerings including property and casualty insurance, employee benefits consulting, risk management, loss control, claims management, estate planning and business succession planning. For more information about Sterling & Sterling, visit

The Challenge

Sterling & Sterling has a long and impressive history of serving the insurance needs of its clients for over 76 years. Although this mature company had a website, it did not accurately reflect the company’s cutting-edge approach to insurance. They needed to revamp the look-and-feel of their site and make their industry-leading products and services available to the online world. The revamped website needed to serve their customers’ needs, both now and into the future. In short, “It was time to enter the age of Web 2.0,” said Ian Sterling, program administrator.

A top priority for Sterling & Sterling was to be able to quickly and easily add or update content on the website. They were constantly updating and improving existing products and regularly rolling out new ones. With the old site, they were totally dependent upon their server host to make even the smallest of changes. According to Scott Chirls, systems analyst, “Our biggest problem with our old website was that every time we needed to update it, we had to go through our host. Ultimately, our content was typically several months old.”

The Solution

After assessing their requirements, it was apparent that Sterling & Sterling needed a content management system (CMS) to publish its website and achieve its Web 2.0 goals. At that point, Sterling & Sterling added requirements for a content management system (CMS) into the project:

  • User friendly and intuitive so they would not have to burden IT or hire a programmer to publish or edit website pages
  • Cost-effective
  • Ability to support marketing efforts, especially their “drive-to-Web” marketing campaigns

After researching their options, Sterling & Sterling chose the Sitecore CMS with implementation by mindSHIFT Technologies for their website Content Management System solution. Sitecore’s impressive feature set boasted a refreshingly intuitive user interface. This made implementation of Sterling & Sterling’s new product line, SureRISK®, a simple and painless task. SureRISK is a unique approach to insurance and risk management.

“The challenge,” said Ian Sterling, “was accurately portraying the SureRISK suite of services on the web to clients and prospects alike. Sitecore made it easy for us to add this product line to our site in record time.”

In addition to its content management requirements, Sterling & Sterling had a robust marketing wish list that Sitecore could fulfill with its HTML canvas and a little integration work from the mindSHIFT application development team. mindSHIFT, a Sitecore partner with one of the largest and most experienced Sitecore deployment teams in the United States, was chosen for its experience and software development capabilities.

“Since we started to use the HTML canvas, we have created over 20 different customized web pages that have been coupled with our email and web marketing initiatives,” said Adam Frank, product manager. “We have even been able to include custom HTML code snippets that allow us to collect prospect contact information from an opt-in form to better target our clients. And once mindSHIFT built a form integrator for us, we were able to connect our HTML pages directly to our online application and qualification software, which is a huge bonus for us.”

Business Value and Benefits

With this Sitecore-based solution from mindSHIFT, Sterling & Sterling was able to achieve multiple goals:

  • Update and add content to their website quickly and easily
  • Eliminate dependence on a third party for publishing day-to-day changes on the site
  • Implement a professional, consistently-branded user experience across the site
  • Increase effectiveness of marketing programs with “drive-to-web” campaigns that guide clients and prospects to interactive areas of the site
  • Integrate online forms with the rest of the site for a consistent look-and-feel
  • Meet web 2.0 needs with a cost-effective solution
  • Improve user experience
  • Increase lead generation results

According to Adam Frank, “Sitecore has helped us to decrease the amount of time it takes to create web pages that fuel our marketing engine. Because they offer an HTML editing canvas, we are quickly and easily able to create custom web pages and import the HTML code directly, which saves much time and energy. With our rapidly changing fundamental plans, this feature allows us to respond quickly to market opportunities and capture more business.”

“And, there were some powerful additional benefits,” added Frank. “Sitecore is very versatile and makes it easy to organize our pages, documents and media in a meaningful way. Everyone on the team knows where everything is located and this decreases any wasted time on learning curve issues. In addition, the ability to have remote access to the content editor tool allows our staff to be productive no matter where they are—home, office or traveling.”

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