Application Support Plans from mindSHIFT offer tremendous value.

mindSHIFT delivers the application support you need without increasing your headcount or relying on an in-house development team that can't respond quickly enough to your needs. You get access to the broad and deep resources of the mindSHIFT team—ranging from .NET and SharePoint® developers to SQL DBAs and project managers—all with one phone call.

Our dedicated support team will maintain the health of your Web applications and related components, and work on any reported bugs, enhancements or training.

Examples of applications we currently support:

  • The B2B eCommerce site of Rothco®, a leading supplier of military and outdoor clothing and accessories, originally developed and hosted by mindSHIFT 
  • Sitecore CMS-driven website of a national non-profit education organization, initially developed by a third-party 
  • SQLServer infrastructure support for several companies and organizations, including ad hoc SQL DBA services as well as scheduled maintenance and database tuning

At the start of a support plan project, mindSHIFT developers conduct an initial code review to familiarize themselves with your systems. We review all documentation that exists (specifications, database schemas, test plans, etc.).

A Project Manager will be assigned to serve as the primary liaison to you. The Project Manager works closely with our Director of Customer Support to ensure timely and high quality response to all support requests.

Support is available for:

  • Sitecore® 
  • SharePoint
  • SQL Database
  • Custom .NET applications
  • Critical issue support
    • Application and database outages
  • Non-critical support
    • Plan maintenance
    • Patch and upgrade support
    • Migrations
  • Hosting and cloud services

Contact mindSHIFT to learn more about our application support plans.