Business Velocity Analysis

Accelerate Growth with a Business Velocity Analysis

Everyone knows that successfully managing your information technology is all about a focus on the business objectives.

  • You roll out the latest desktop operating system to increase employee productivity.
  • You buy and implement a CRM system to improve sales results.
  • You invest in an ERP system to achieve greater efficiency in operations and distribution.

But how often do your projects end up over-budget, exceeding their timeline or with negative results for the business? You need to be able to manage your information technology (IT) from a business perspective.

IT’s not about the technology. IT’s about the business. That’s why mindSHIFT offers the Business Velocity Analysis program.

A Business Velocity Analysis from mindSHIFT is an analytical methodology used to determine the most cost-effective way to organize people, processes and technology in your organization to deliver competitive advantage and business growth. We assess the current state of your IT organization (the current compute model) and provide for an in-depth actionable strategic plan that outlines your next tactical steps.

Delivering Strategic Direction for Business and IT Executives
The mindSHIFT Business Velocity Analysis (BVA) program is for business and IT leaders who need independent, expert assessments of their IT operations, coupled with actionable plans designed to achieve results. To that end, the BVA program goals are to:

  • Improve the efficiency of your overall IT spend
  • Enable you to provide better service levels to your business
  • Facilitate business growth through cost reductions, strategic IT planning and efficient tactical operations

IT strategy is a complex matrix of people, processes and technology. Our BVA service takes all of these factors into consideration in the development of a go-forward strategy specific to your business. This plan will position your IT organization to manage your current state effectively or transition to the right future state, in order to achieve targeted cost reductions, service level improvements and business growth.

In the assessment of your current state of operations, we study these key areas, and more:

  • Staff and culture (reactive vs. proactive, silos, headcount, training, etc.)
  • Best practices and policies (governance, change management, etc.)
  • Portfolio of services (application inventory, cost, program management and standards, etc.)
  • Platform and infrastructure (networks, hardware and software, desktops/laptops/tablets/mobile, etc.)
  • Security, compliance, disaster recovery and business continuity readiness


Business Velocity Analysis Options
There are two models to choose from:

Rapid Fit Analysis
A 10-business day executive-ready analysis of your IT environment and top-level business challenges—
including a high level analysis and IT strategy recommendations.

Complete Compute Analysis
A 4-6 week in-depth analysis of your IT environment, organization and business challenges that results in a detailed 3-5 year strategic IT plan and business case analysis.


  • Asset inventory
  • Asset utilization
  • Service levels
  • Workload summary
  • Security
  • Business constraints
  • Cultural constraints
  • Service contracts
  • Capital costs
  • Project pipeline
  • Business growth/contraction
  • Disaster recovery


  • Identification of correct blend of compute models
  • Advantages/disadvantages of new compute models vs. current model
  • High level cost comparison of each compute model

Identification and quantification of business case drivers:

  • Infrastructure
  • Platforms
  • Applications
  • Resources

Business case analysis:

  • Internal IT costs
  • External IT costs
  • Total cost of ownership
  • Impact on cash flow
  • P&L impact

Strategic IT services roadmap:

  • The recommended path, covering both the technology and people aspects of implementation
  • Financial cost projections comparing all strategic options, for Year 1, Years 1-4 and Years 1-8

Why Use mindSHIFT for Your IT Strategy?

  • This is not an abstract “ivory tower” exercise. Our BVA executives are seasoned information technology professionals who have led companies in various industries.
  • The plans and recommendations we deliver reflect industry best practices and are quantifiable and actionable.
  • You have no obligation to mindSHIFT following an Executive Services engagement. Although we are a leading Managed Services Provider (MSP), and some of our IT services may be appropriate for your strategy, the resulting plans and recommendations are not built solely around mindSHIFT’s capabilities. They are built around the right strategies for your IT organization and your business.
  • The final deliverable will be a business focused, actionable strategic IT plan that is tuned to your specific organization.

Ready to Accelerate Your IT and Business Operations?

Call us today—we’ll review the components of a typical engagement, and discuss how it can work for you. Then you can get on the road quickly—with increased business velocity and the ability to use IT as a success enabler.

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