Working Remotely Webinar

The “remote worker”…what does that term mean to you? Sitting on the couch in your pajamas? For some, it could. But whether they work from home or on the road, self-motivated employees who work remotely can deliver exceptional results with the right technology. 

This on-demand webinar - Working Remotely? Technology for Staying Productive - illustrates how telecommunication technology can transform a coffee house into a boardroom and help to keep your employees productive. You will see how the ability to work remotely affects corporate culture, employee satisfaction and the environment. 

In this webinar, you will learn about:
  • The six questions to ask when deciding if a “work from home” policy will work for your business
  • How employees can maintain communication and productivity working remotely 
  • How telecommuting has become a significant cost-cutting measure for businesses
  • The tools that telecommuters need to be successful
  • The technology available to stay productive as a remote worker

Speaker: Robert Schomer, Senior Product Manager, mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc.

Robert is a Product Manager for mindSHIFT’s cloud services. Since 2008, Robert has worked to deliver on-premises and hybrid solutions. With a strong background in collaboration and cloud technologies, Robert joined the mindSHIFT Product and Marketing team in 2012. He focuses on workflow automation and new technologies that aid mindSHIFT’s customers in their ability to move workloads to the cloud. Robert has been a remote worker for over 2 years.


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