Document Management with SharePoint

SharePoint-2013-LogoGet your documents under control with versioning, audit trails, and search. Document management is no longer a luxury, it's a necessity. With SharePoint, a document management solution tailored to your organization's unique needs is now within reach.

mindSHIFT has implemented SharePoint document management solutions to help companies comply with industry regulations, increase employee productivity, and eliminate the headaches of searching for and re-creating existing documents.

Document management features in SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint 2013 include:

  • Document Libraries - Support check-in/check-out, version history, audit trail, and workflow for documents of any type
  • Security - integrated with your network or specific to SharePoint, security can be managed down to the document level
  • Search- Search for documents by parameters and keywords you define
  • Document Sets - Create a Document Set to manage related content as a single entity, speeding up common processes like RFP responses
  • Content Organizer - Classify content more accurately by using the Content Organizer to automatically route content to appropriate document libraries
  • Unique Document IDs - Find content, even if it has been moved from its original location, with a unique Document ID assigned by SharePoint 
  • Managed Meta Data Service - Centrall define and manage metadata, making it available for use across farms and site collections
  • Compliance - Manage versions, apply retention schedules, declare records, and place legal holds, whether you're dealing with traditional content, Web content, or social content

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