How We Implemented an IT Strategy to Support Rapid Growth and Transform Our Business

Fortistar was experiencing rapid growth, primarily through acquisitions, moving from 25 people to more than 200 across 15 US states and Canada. Traditionally a portfolio management company, they were expanding into operating green and renewable energy plants. In Fortistar's new business, availability is king. Keeping the plants online is critical and information technology (IT) is an essential strategic component of that objective. But, their IT was designed for the business that was, not for the new direction of their business. By using the strategies Fortistar outlines in this webinar, you can dramatically impact the success of your organization.


David Comora, Fortistar's Chief Information Officer (CIO), realized that he had to act quickly to transform IT to meet the needs of the growing business. David knew he didn't have the skills in-house—or the budget—to build the data center needed by the organization, nor did he think it was a wise business decision to build one.


He knew his team's strengths and employed an IT strategy that enabled them to focus on what they did best—build and support applications—while letting someone else worry about the IT infrastructure.


By using the strategies Mr. Comora outlines in this webinar, you can dramatically impact the success of your organization. You will learn:

  • How to implement an IT strategy to support rapid growth
  • How to support a dispersed workforce with complex requirements
  • How to choose the right IT partner for the long-term


Who Should Attend
IT executives at small and mid-sized businesses seeking to exploit IT to support and enable growth.

David Comora, Chief Information Officer, Fortistar

Mr. Comora joined Fortistar in 2006. He is responsible for managing and directing all technology, information, and networking needs across all Fortistar business units.  He also participates in Fortistar’s communication and corporate marketing efforts. Prior to Fortistar, Mr. Comora worked in the software industry for seventeen years in product management and business development.

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