backup and recovery

Backup and Recovery

Disasters Happen—mindSHIFT Ensures Disruptions Don't

Your IT and data, protected by a partner and technology you can trust.

At mindSHIFT, we’re dedicated to your success. Today, success depends on information security and availability—no one can afford service disruptions. With Backup and Recovery from mindSHIFT, you can rest assured that your IT is disruption-proof even in the event of disaster.

The redundancy you need to ensure reliable restoration

Offsite and redundant data backup may be the least sexy but most underappreciated aspect of IT reliability. It can mean the difference between recovering in minutes rather than days or even weeks. We will help you optimize your backup frequency to balance your system's performance safeguard against potential disruptions. Our services include:

  • Redundant servers for critical data
  • Get your data back immediately–no need to wait hours or days
  • Geographically dispersed hot backup and cold backup sites across the United States to ensure continuity of operations
  • Technology expertise to avoid the resources, hassle and expense required for ongoing systems management
  • Alternative data centers for key servers and data to ensure onsite issues do not interrupt business operations

DRaaS Powered by Azure


DRaaS for Veeam Users


Comprehensive Backups

Build your business with confidence knowing your applications and data are secure with mindSHIFT's continuous, non-intrusive backups. Your information is encrypted, monitored and sent to our physically and virtually secure storage networks using the latest technology in data and information management, including CommVault and Veeam—all without interrupting normal system performance. 

Secure Storage

Our certified engineers monitor our fault-tolerant networks 24/7/365 to detect and defeat threats before they occur. CommVault and Veeam provide secure, role-based access to data as well as integrated systems reporting so you know exactly what's happening with your information and when. 

Rapid Recovery

With both backup and recovery processes integrated into a single platform, mindSHIFT makes near-instantaneous recovery straightforward and efficient. Manage the recovery process yourself or leave it to our experts. Either way, the mindSHIFT team will be there every step of the way, from installation through restoration.