Conferencing & Messaging

Meet & Collaborate Where and When You Want

Ditch the conference room and meet when ideas strike

Real-time communication and collaboration is more important than ever. mindSHIFT brings together the different ways your organization communicates into a single user interface, letting you connect with the right person at the right time via voice, video, instant message, screen sharing or traditional meetings—all on-demand.

With mindSHIFT's conferencing and messaging technologies, you can:

  • Send messages to colleagues in real-time, and keep track of the conversation—no matter how long or tangential the thread.
  • Share files on-demand without dumping everything into email.
  • Never again wonder about a colleague's availability, location, status or how they can be contacted.
  • Schedule an audio or a video conference spontaneously with just one click and vastly improve efficiency as a result.
  • Share ideas, sketch drawings and write plans on a virtual whiteboard everyone can see.
  • Control the presentation as the presenter, pass the camera and mic off to a colleague or automatically show the person who's talking—you have complete control of the conference experience.

Boost your organization's productivity inside and outside of the office

Want to collaborate with your team from anywhere, at any time? Need to review and edit attachments like contracts, spreadsheets, presentations and images on the go? Are missed connections and forgotten appointments stifling growth? mindSHIFT can help your organization meet and collaborate efficiently and effectively—no matter where you are.

Email, Skype, Instant Messaging, VoIP—all at your fingertips, all in one package

Are your virtual conferencing systems and messaging applications a jumbled mess? Did the promise of moving them all online leave you with disjointed processes, dropped balls and daunting budgets? mindSHIFT can bring all of your conferencing and messaging systems under one roof, in one cost-effective package. As a result, your organization can connect across multiple platforms fluidly and securely without interruption.