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Email & Productivity

Email that Takes Productivity & Security Seriously

Where mobility + security = increased productivity

Email is the primary communication channel for most organizations. And while email predates the internet by more than a decade, managing and securing email remains one of the biggest challenges all growing organizations face.

As your business grows, you need an email provider that grows with you—without sacrificing the security your organization depends on or the mobility it has grown accustomed to. mindSHIFT can help.

As experts in both Hosted Exchange and Office 365 email solutions, mindSHIFT can help you maximize your email productivity in an archived, encrypted and secured environment.

With a mindSHIFT-supported email solution, you can:

  • Access email securely from anywhere in the world from any device.
  • Reliably and securely archive and back up email for compliance, convenience and to protect against catastrophe.
  • Encrypt emails automatically based on their content, such as HIPAA-protected info, financial records, social security numbers, state-mandated privacy laws and more.
  • Block SPAM before it hits your inbox.
  • Protect your data and your network from destructive viruses and malware attacks disguised as day-to-day business emails.
  • Sync calendars, contacts and email-integrated apps easily and efficiently.
  • Reduce monthly storage costs.
  • Get live customer support—24/7/365. Yes, even on holidays and weekends.

Want to compare Hosted Exchange vs. Office 365? Need to learn about email security, compliance or outsourcing? Our library of resources can help.

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Protect communications and data with email encryption

Email encryption from mindSHIFT enables both administrators and end users to tag outbound email for encryption at the email gateway. Encrypted emails can be sent from a desktop email client, webmail or mobile device. With mindSHIFT, your organization can set automatic encryption policies based on the content of the message, including designated keywords and attachment formats, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF files. Want to encrypt emails on a case-by-case basis? You can do that, too, simply by inserting a designated force phrase in the subject, body or attachment of an email.

With Hosted Exchange, you increase efficiency, productivity and security

Why settle for “no-frills” small business email like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail that lacks features essential for the success of any business? mindSHIFT hosted Exchange service enables you to increase efficiency and productivity with anytime, anywhere access to email, shared calendars, contacts, tasks and attachments via any internet-enabled device.

With Office 365, you embed the power of Microsoft Office into your email

Since your files are automatically saved, secured and protected online, you can edit them, save them and email them internally and externally, from wherever you are, from any device. You can even collaborate with others and see their input in real time—all without sacrificing the security your organization requires.