device management

Device Management

One Partner, One Call—For Any and All Devices

Security and flexibility standardized—any device, all the time

As your business grows, so will your IT. With so many devices and a variety of operating systems—from Android to Apple to Windows—it's impossible for most companies to have someone at the ready who understands them all. mindSHIFT is that "someone"—let our team of experts take device management off your plate. From company computers to personal tablets and smartphones—securing and keeping track of all those devices is increasingly unwieldy. What this means for you—with our quick, secure and scalable deployment, you can add a new user in your Paris, Texas, office just as easily as you can rescue an executive whose laptop got stolen before the big presentation in Paris, France.

With mindSHIFT's Device Management services, you can:

  • Focus your time on growing your business or organization.
  • Allow your people to work from anywhere at any time on any device.
  • Avoid hardware or software capital expenses.
  • Consolidate spending in a monthly operating expense.
  • Activate and deactivate users and devices quickly and securely.
  • Pay only for activated users.
  • Create a standardized platform that secures and backs up all company data in mindSHIFT’s SSAE-16 data center.

Has someone told you virtual desktops are expensive, slow, disruptive or inflexible? Not at mindSHIFT! See how we bust these myths wide open.

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Your one-stop shop for all devices

Let mindSHIFT take over all aspects of device management, including updating inventories, keeping track of vendor warranties and maintenance cycles, and activation (or deactivation) of users or devices.

Troubleshooting and repairs

When your IT fails, the last thing you want is a drop-down menu of IT support options. With mindSHIFT, you can always reach a person—not a machine—who will help you solve your problem. Our trusted team of experts will troubleshoot and repair any device, anytime, anywhere.

Keep data secure across all devices

More and more employees are bringing their own devices to work, accessing important emails, corporate data and more from personal laptops, tablets and smartphones, all around the world, at all hours of the day. mindSHIFT can keep your information safe by monitoring device and application usage, enforcing password policies, and even remotely locking devices that get lost or stolen.