Industry Architectural Firm
Size 11-50 employees
Location Long Beach, California
  • IT could not reliably handle the frequent storage of large CAD and QuickBooks® files
  • During a move to a new location, the network crashed and wiped much of IDA’s omnipresent information
  • Frequent IT downtime, especially during peak work hours, caused a blow to employee morale and a slumping culture overall
  • Total IT Management 
    New server
    Backup solution
    New Notebook computers for employees
    Consistent monitoring of IDA’s network 
  • After a fierce virus wiped much of the company’s stored data, mindSHIFT implemented a solution to backup the system several times a day
  • Fully functioning, well-protected network - complete with backup and a fleet of PCs that enable employees to work smarter and faster
  • Reliable, fast IT has led way to higher productivity and improved company culture

The Extra Mile

Innovation & Design in Architecture (IDA) produces nationally recognized, award winning architectural designs for some of the country’s most recognizable brands. IDA experienced a series of IT setbacks, from network crashes to a detrimental virus, that not only destabilized its network of critical client data, but also caused employees to suffer through chronic productivity and functionality lags.

mindSHIFT was able to implement a Total IT management solution that backed up all company data to a new server and monitored IDA’s network devices to identify and resolve issues, and maximize network availability. Beyond the basic backup running on the main server, IDA wanted a comprehensive backup solution that would allow employees to perform day-to-day work, uninterrupted. And mindSHIFT delivered, employing a solution to backup active files several times a day.

Hear it from Them

IDA owner and CFO
Dallas Barker

mindSHIFT is very fast to act and nearly 100 percent of the time, they can fix whatever problem arises” 

“We were willing to invest a little more to make sure our systems would be proactively monitored and our network would be sustainable going forward.”