Industry Education Services
Size 600 employees
Alabama, Arizona,
California & Texas
  • Difficulty keeping its increasing amount of workstations up to date
  • Ongoing, time-consuming manual security updates and patches that required constant attention
  • Aging operating system with no automated workstation disaster recovery in the event of a catastrophe
  • Dedicated workstations that inhibited productivity when issues with employee devices arose
  • Upgraded operating systems to the more modern, sustainable Windows® 10 platform
  • Built offsite data backup with AWS cloud-based and local domain controllers to restore servers in the event of a disaster
  • Installed roaming profiles in lieu of dedicated workstations, enabling ProctorU employees to login to any station, at any site, quickly and securely
  • Leveraged imaging capabilities of the domain controllers to make imaging workstations going forward much easier and faster for ProctorU
  • Fast, easy updates, patches and OS installs
  • Improved employee productivity and client satisfaction
  • Right-sized technology infrastructure, delivered under budget
  • Centralized systems and management


ProctorU, a global online testing juggernaut, has administered more than 2 million exams for educational and corporate test-takers in 129 countries and partnered with nearly 1,000 institutions. Experiencing the usual growing pains that come from growing a business from an entrepreneurial-minded startup, ProctorU partnered with mindSHIFT to upgrade their entire technology infrastructure into a more reliable, efficient environment. 

We were able to eliminate ProctorU’s biggest IT pain points, utilizing domain controllers to meet their backup and security requirements and roaming profiles to allow employees the flexibility to work from any station at any site. Additionally, we helped them transition from an aging operating system into the more current, sustainable Windows® 10 platform.

With a heavily academic customer base, everything had to be complete prior to fall mid-term and finals test schedules. mindSHIFT not only met the aggressive timeline, but also delivered their entire solution below its original quote. ProctorU is now spending what it should on technology for a business its size and has the right technology in place to support its capabilities today—with room to grow.

Hear it from Them

Matt Jaeh, Chief Technology Officer

“Our workstations used to manage us. Now we’re managing the workstations.” 

 “AWS domain controller integration, offsite backup and site-to-site VPN were key parts of my user requirements. If something catastrophic happens, we now have active directories to restore the servers.