Industry Fleet Management Services
Size 50,000 vehicles tracked
Location Commack, NY
  • Custom web application required a data storage and system performance upgrade to handle the increased workload of its rapidly expanding SaaS offering, while limiting outages and connectivity issues
  • Current direct-attached storage solution didn’t scale with performance or reliability as the company grew
  • Some coverage areas had interruptions in cellular service, risking customer connectivity
  • Needed more storage for data, faster access, and the ability to gain deeper insights without compromising the capability of customers to access their fleet on demand
  • Frameless, IP-based peer storage architecture based on Dell® EqualLogic® equipment that would be integrated into its Microsoft SQL environment
  • Enabled live firmware upgrades and maintenance on the system, as well as linear scaling of capacity and performance with each array added to the group, making the solution scaleable
  • Configuration based on Dell EqualLogic PS 6110 XS with solid-state hard drives in conjunction with standard 10K SaaS discs, improving availability and reliability of accessed and archived data
  • Implemented SharePoint as a storage for policies and procedures that employees can access anywhere, anytime to stay up to date and share information.
  • Within two weeks clients commented on a noticeable improvement of data access speeds
  • With a SAN on the back end, customers access data and generate reports at a record speed, resulting in improved access to business-critical fleet information
  • Cost-effective solution that delivers more continuity and more reliability with disaster recovery assurance

IT Solution for Vehicle Tracking Solutions®

Founded in 2002, Vehicle Tracking Solutions® has more than a decade of experience providing customized fleet management solution to its clients in the transportation and delivery, government, medical, educational and security industries. Their current solution wasn’t scaleable as the company continued to grow and needed more data storage. Already a mindSHIFT customer for managed hosting services for its Web application, they reached out again for a solution to advance data storage and connectivity requirements.

We were able to implement a solution that solved their connectivity issues without compromising scalability or security. As a result, customers were able to access more data at faster speeds. mindSHIFT understood that the success of the company relied on the GPS tracking system, and more importantly how IT could enhance that success.

Hear it from Them

Ryan Wilkinson, CTO

mindSHIFT has always met and far exceeded any requirements that any of our clients have ever had with the hosting of their data, as far as the physical security and redundancy of its data center is concerned.”